Turn possibilities into new realities.

Architecting the future and reaching meaningful scale requires vision, systemic support, and flexibility. We’ve developed a precision fermentation powerhouse set up to meet the changing needs of innovators and vanguards.

A lab facility.

End-to-end support for every new beginning.

We work closely with our partners to design precision fermentation projects that maximize the chances of success and cross the biotech valley of death through optimizations and custom solutions.

Optimized Strain Engineering & Screening

  • Expression in various proven industrially relevant hosts, including:
    • Filamentous Fungi
    • Yeast
    • Bacteria
  • Feasibility of expression
  • Building and optimizing production strains for target molecules

Effective Fermentation/Upstream Process Development

  • Upstream Process Development with scalability and cost in mind
  • Strain evaluation
  • Access to process data and easy monitoring
  • 0.25L-2L scale

Effective Downstream Process Development

  • Downstream Process Development with scalability and cost in mind with product that meets specifications
  • Target cost dependent unit operations
  • Factoring in regulatory inputs

Nimble Piloting

  • Pilot runs – 35L-1000L+
  • Material generation for DSPD
  • Sample generation
  • Runs for regulatory filing
  • Scale up risk mitigation and troubleshooting

Faster Regulatory Filing

  • Provide strategy for GRAS ingredient filing
  • Define specifications
  • Establish collaborations needed and generate required data

Flexible Manufacturing

  • Commercial production of target molecule
  • Tech transfer support
  • Access to large-scale cGMP 100,000L+ fermenters through PD-owned manufacturing
    • Leverage existing relationships with CMOs

A facility that feels like your own.

All nth Bio partners have access to state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment that are designed and staffed to optimize large-scale commercial development and production of bioproducts.

With a world class manufacturing track record operating at commercial scale at multiple sites with varying equipment across 4 countries, our facilities have a 97% success rate going all the way up to hundreds of thousands of liters scale.

A lab facility.
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